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Astrology primarily focuses on analyzing the planets and other celestial bodies to explain their effect on people’s lives and destinies. A person can be told what the future holds for them and get deeper understanding of themselves through predictions made from astrology. Zodiac signs, planets, stars and heavenly bodies are studied by astrologers to try and understand the relationship between them and life on earth. The zodiac is a chart often referred to as the wheel of life which consists of twelve unique sections representing the months in each year. All the twelve zodiac sign are named uniquely and all people born around the same time tend to show similar qualities and properties.

Astrologers developed the zodiac sign by observing the revolution of the different planets, the sun and the moon in relation to the earth. People belonging to the Aries sign are energetic and focused on accomplishing missions. Aries’s people have strong determination lots of energy inherited from the fire element. The second zodiac is referred to as the Taurus and its people relate to the earth element making them problem-solvers. People who were born during Gemini period are usually friendly and open-minded and do not judge others unnecessarily. Cancer follows Gemini in the zodiac signs and its people are emotional and sensitive as well as secretive.

Leo associates with the lion and the people tend to strive to be at the top leading to most of them becoming prominent leaders. Virgo follows Leo in the signs and the people share the earth element making them conservative or appreciating everything exactly as it is. Libra is the seventh zodiac sign and the people in the group are social and very friendly although can not be trusted. Due to possessing the water element, people belonging to Scorpio are stubborn, free-thinking and also loyal. Sagittarius sign is connected to the fire element which makes its people generous, idealistic and has a sense if humor.

The tenth zodiac sign is Capricorn and the people belonging here have strong wills and ensure to fulfill the tasks they undertake. Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign and consists of people known to be independent, caring and uncompromising. The Pisces is the last zodiac sign and its people share the water element making them friendly but without consistency. Each zodiac sign is associated to one of the four elements that include the air, water, fire and the earth element. Astrology also covers twelve astrology houses that explain connections between celestial bodies.Based in time and space factors, the twelve astrology houses study connection between celestial bodies. Planetary dignities involve studying all the planets by themselves to identify their energy and physical properties in detail.

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