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The World March is now on Day 15

The World March for Peace and Nonviolence is now on Day 15 and going strong. It’s truly amazing how many people in so many ways are expressing themselves and how extraordinary is the work that the marchers are carrying out.

I wanted to pass along this information so you might be able to follow more closely what’s going on.

On the home page of the international World March site is the “video of the day” which today happens to be the marchers visit to the demilitarized zone in Korea. The footage is interesting because we know that this is one of the biggest conflict points on earth, where the threat of nuclear weapons is very real. Connected to the World March international site, you can also find the blog of the march. Today and yesterday, Tony Robinson entered his remarks about his personal experience on the march and I got a much stronger sense of the meaning of what was taking place in the video as well as all the other things going on. So in the blog you can find very interesting and more personal comments from the marchers and it helps to fill in the experience.

I also appreciate the tremendous effort the marchers are making to make sure we have video, pictures and text so we can follow along. Given their nonstop activities and the amount of situations they must adjust to daily, with little sleep, etc. this extra effort is much appreciated. I also encourage you to write comments on their blog since I understand it really keeps their spirits high.
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David Andersson

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