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A team of us are leaving Wellington, New Zealand on the 2nd of October this year to arrive in Punta de Vacas at the foot of Mount Aconcagua, in Argentina on the 2nd of January next year after covering more than 90 countries along the way.

In each country we will be just one or two days, a catalyst to bring together the hundreds of activities for peace that so many other people and associations are organizing to contribute to what we hope will be the biggest pacifist mobilization in history.

Each one of us has a task to do (photography, video, coordination, activism, interviews, meetings, events, festivals, media work, institutional relations, visas and legal matters, public relations editing, compiling and archiving…) in order to gather and show the world this huge signal and so contribute to generate a planetary consciousness of Peace and Nonviolence.

We are not financed by any organization or institution. But we need your help: so please join forces with us and help us complete the 160,000 km journey.

Come a few kilometres with us and take part in the the biggest pacifist mobilization in history. Maybe between us we can change the world.

Be part of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence!

thank you,

Rafael de la Rubia

International Spokesperson for the World March for Peace and Nonviolence

World Promotion Team member – WwW

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