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Five Boroughs March for Peace and Non-Violence

“So that the voices of millions who yearn for peace can be heard as they call for the end of war and all forms of violence.”

Sunday, December 7th 2008

In December 2009, the first Word March for Peace & Non-Violence will pass through NYC as part of a 3-month journey over 6 continents and 90+ countries. The March will unite people worldwide in a call for the dismantling of nuclear arms, an end to war and military aggression, and the rejection of all forms of violence.

On December 7, we mark the beginning of a year of activities in NYC that highlight the profound need for a new consciousness in favor of peace and non-violence. Support us – by joining in one of the routes, by cheering us on as we start, or by meeting us at 3 PM as we converge on the steps of City Hall.

From: >>>>>>>>>>
(1) Upper Manhattan
Strawberry Fields, CPW & 72nd St – 12 (Noon)
(917) 470-2578 –
(2) Lower Manhattan – Children’s March
Tompkins Square Park @ 1 pm
(917) 353 3078 –
(3) Brooklyn
Grand Army Plaza at the Arch – 12 (noon)
(917) 378-8758 –
(4) Queens
Flushing Meadow Park Unisphere – 11 am
(646) 334-7937 –
(5) The Bronx
Rebuilders Source, 461 Timpson Place – 12 (noon)
(651) 500-3888 –
(6) Staten Island
Ferry Terminal – 1 PM
(347) 578-7145 –
>>>>> To:
New York City Hall
3 PM Press Conference

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