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The government of Alan Garcia is trying to impose an economic model (failed the world over) and bypass the Constitution, democratic principles and human rights.

The Government is abusing its political power to satisfy the interests of national and trans-national monopolies, provoking social disorder and allowing the murder of indigenous people and letting the police, who fulfil a role of protection, to die. Political power, once again, hides behind solemn declarations while in peddles a fratricidal war of Peruvians in uniform against Peruvian civilians.

The members of the International Humanist Movement profoundly lament the loss of human lives in the Peruvian Amazon and we repudiate the violent events (economic, political, cultural and physical) that have brought desperation and cruelty to people who are usually peaceful.

The Government want to impose a “development model”, ignoring the people, and in front of ethnic, political and social opposition it reacts with degradation, repression and genocide. But violence cannot be left behind through the criminalisation of social protest.

The horror that we have seen in recent weeks has absolutely no justification!

We call on the Amazonian people to maintain their struggle for the defence of their territory and their rights, but always and only using the methodology of Active Nonviolence, through denunciation, non-cooperation, non-violent mobilisation and social organisation. Active Nonviolence is the true political and moral force to unveil the violent ones who always seek to usurp indigenous rights.

We call on the members of the Peruvian Police and Armed Forces to not rise up arms against their indigenous brothers and resist the orders to kill their own people.

We call on the Peruvian Government to understand that it is not possible to continue handing over national natural resources to financial power. Today, what should be done is exactly the opposite: to recover the water, the land, the forests and the energy so that its sustainable exploitation may benefit the peoples and to not continue to be a source of millions of profits for speculators.

We call on the Governments of the region to express their repudiation of this slaughter and the escalation of violence. In particular we request UNASUR to act immediately to seek the formula for an immediate cease fire.

We call on all the Humanists of Latin-America to demonstrate in front of Peruvian embassies to express our rejection of the methodology of Violence applied against the peoples of the Amazon.

Tomás Hirsch Spokesperson for Humanism for Latin-America
Javier Zorrilla Spokesperson for Humanism for Peru
Guillermo Sullings Spokesperson for Humanism for Argentina
Joaquín Deras Spokesperson for Humanism for El Salvador
Jerónimo Villareal Spokesperson for Humanism for Ecuador
Efrén Villarreal Spokesperson for Humanism for Panama
Efrén Osorio Spokesperson for Humanism for Chile

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