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Won another battle in the Radar war in Czech Republic

By Jan Tamá

We have won another battle in the Radar war. We have won one battle, but not the entire war yet.

The “battle” took place in the Parliament, where the government wanted to push through the ratification of the two radar treaties (that have been signed last year by the US and Czech governments, but that needed to be ratified by the Czech Parliament).

Basically what happened was that the government did not have enough votes to pass the ratification. In fact, it seemed that the opposition would have enough votes to stop the ratification process altogether. Therefore, the government decided to “withdraw” the two treaties and effectively stopped the ratification process! And it did so on its own! Purely thanks to the pressure of the opposition and out of fears, that the opposition would be able to block the treaties.

Now that the government withdrew the treaties from the parliament, it means that there will not be any other vote on the radar issue until the government introduces the treaties again to the parliament. The government says that they will wait for Obama’s visit to Prague and for the outcome of the NATO summit in Strassbourg and Koehl in April before attempting to reintroduce the treaties for ratification to the Parliament. But there are some people who think that the government may not have enough strength to ever introduce the treaties to the parliament again! That they are simply too weak now!

So it’s a win for us! Although not a complete one (as they can reintroduce the treaties to the parliament anytime in the future).

So we continue our fight, but we can say that we won one important battle.

Right now we are preparing for Obama’s visit in Prague on April 5 and we are also sending the letter to him from all over Europe!

Ing. Jan Tamá, Ph.D.
hnutí Nenásilí

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