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Israeli and Palestinian pacifists are examples for the whole world.

Thousands of young Israelis are in the streets, demanding a stop to the attacks on Gaza. Many have been arrested,with the conscientious objectors that denied to cross the frontier to go to the Palestinians territories.

Hundreds of young Palestinians are protesting against the Israeli violence, but also demanding that Hamas stop their missile attacks and any other forms of violence.

It is not easy to raise the voice of peace while the violence is being exploited. It is not easy to deal with the aggression of your own people when they discharge their fear and anger against you. The peaceful Palestians and Israelis are an example to the entire world.

It’s not the point of view of these young protesters that the newspapers print; it’s not their efforts towards peace that are shown on the news. We only get propaganda from one side or the other, justifying their actions.

The community is afraid and the violent offenders on both sides are trying to frighten the people more. Contaminated by fear and the desire for revenge, the offenders try to control us for their own dark interest.

We denounce violence by the state of Israel and we denounce the violence of the Palestinians armed groups. Only a truly non-violent consciousness can stop the violence, and if that consciousness is small we will need to grow it.

The invasion of Gaza by the Jewish Army has to stop immediately. The Palestinian pacifism needs to be strengthened to be able to stop Hamas and all other armed groups. A Palestinian state is a necessity and the international community is charged to make this happen. We are all responsible for humanizing our people and our neighbors.

Right now, situations of extreme violence are emerging throughout the entire world. Once started, they are very difficult to stop. We need to change the psycho-social atmosphere in which we are now. This is the main objective of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence and its primary goal: world nuclear disarmament. This is the first step needed to change the direction of events; to accomplish it will be a revolutionary change for humanity.

If we do not try, what will be our destiny?

Jewish organizations and Palestinians are uniting on the World March for Peace and Nonviolence, a cause in which all races, people, cultures, and regions will converge. To overcome the suffering that we cause other people and the suffering that had been caused to us, we will unite to create a non-violent future that is emerging from the profundity of the human being.

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