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News from our struggle against the US Missile Defense

(October 30, 2008) This week was a very important week in our struggle. Both chambers of our parliament planned to vote on this issue. And none of them did!!!

Yesterdays and todays meetings of the chamber of deputies were a success for us – the government didn’t manage to get to the actual voting on the treaty ratification (due to the time constraints and the big number of speakers from the oposition). It seems that they won’t vote on it tomorrow, either (that will be the last day of this session), so this session will end without this issue being voted on.

Also, the Senate has decided not to vote on this issue today. We think that the letters that we all have sent to many of the senators had a strong influence on their final decision.

Both chambers may vote on this issue during their next sessions. However, there will be a very different situation in the Senate by then, since about one third of all senators will be replaced by the newly elected senators (most of whom are radar opponents!) The people in the chamber of deputies will be the same, but with the current turbulence within the government many things will surely change, so we may have much better chances then than we have now.

The Prime minister announced during the Wednesday session that he would like the debate about this issue in the chamber of deputies to be expanded by 60 more days. So it could take 120 days before the final ratification vote would take place in this chamber. The lower chamber of the parliament will probably meet again around November 11th, so we have time until then to continue our pressure. So far so good!

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