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DAVID VS GOLIATH: the struggle continues

A rally & ceremony in support of the Czech Hunger Strikers
Tuesday, May 20th @ 7 PM in Union Square (south)

On May 13th, humanists Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar began a hunger strike in Prague to ask that the will of 70% of the population be respected and that the subject of installing a US military base on Czech territory be decided democratically through referendum. “We have tried almost everything, but our government has failed to listen to us,” says Tamas.

Please join us on Tuesday, May 20 at 7 PM in Union Square (south) as we show our support for the hunger strikers and as we call upon the US government to end its plans for the “space shield” project, which endangers the peace and co-existence of people worldwide. Our government, as part of its so called “Space Shield” initiative, is planning to install a radar base in the Czech Republic, despite the opposition of 70% of the Czech population. Although it is presented as a defense system against the possible attacks of Iranian missiles, the “Space Shield” is, in fact, a first strike weapon, a tool for global dominance and represents the first step towards U.S. militarization and control of space.

For over 2 years, citizens in the Czech Republic have repeatedly expressed their opposition to the proposed base through mass demonstrations, opinion polls, and petitions, yet the Czech government has refused to allow a public debate on the issue. Time is now running out, as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is expected to travel to Prague in June to sign the agreement between the two countries.

If you can’t join us, please send us an e-message of support to the hunger strikers (see Noam Chomsky’s inspiring statement of support) , contact your Congressional delegation, or sign the online petition against the base ( ).

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