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The 10 Commandments to save the planet

By Evo Morales, Bolovian’s President

Consume only what is necessary, avoid extravagance, waste, luxury and the desire to get rich.

President Evo Morales told the United Nations that in order to save the planet, we must eradicate the capitalist model, and the North must pay its ecological debt. This was the first of Ten Commandments presented by the leader during the inauguration of the VII Indigenous Forum of the United Nations during a long speech that received high acclaim by those who attended the annual encounter.

Morales Ayma proposed ten commandments to save the world, life and humanity that require: respect for the earth, renouncing war, bilateral relations without imposition, clean energy and a rejection of bio-fuels, access to basic services, prioritizing local production, promotion of cultural diversity and living well through communitarian socialism in harmony with Mother Earth.

The President affirmed that there are two paths for humanity, life and planet earth; either we recover a way of living that is in harmony with Mother Earth and life, or we continue on the path of capitalism and death. Morales insisted that the only way to save the world is to end the way of thinking which foments individualistic egotism, and the thirst for profit.

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