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Tomas Hirsch to visit New York

Tomas Hirsch is the Spokesperson for Humanism in Latin America and was the 2005 Chilean Presidential candidate for “Juntos Podemos Mas”, the broadest left-wing alliance since the time of Salvador Allende. He surprised observers of all stripes by receiving more than a half a million votes and forcing a second round of voting. His new book, The End of Prehistory: A path to freedom, has a foreward by Bolivian President Evo Morales.

Tomas will be the keynote speaker at our 1st North American New Humanist Forum: Thinking Beyond Borders to be held in NYC, Nov 16-18 (co-sponsored by Hunter School of Social Work.) He arrives November 12 directly from Santiago, Chile where he will be one of the hosts of the Alternative Summit for the leftist Latin American presidents including Chavez, Lula, Kirchner, Morales and Correa.

Upon arriving to the US, he has been scheduled to talk at the University of Maryland and the IPS in Wash, DC. on the theme of “The New Latin American Left: Hopes and Perspectives”. On Thursday, Nov 15, he will be meeting with Noam Chomsky in Boston. In spite of his very busy schedule, I was hoping there would be time that he could do an interview with Amy Goodman on DemocracyNow! since she has always been one of the main sources of news on what’s really happening in South America. As you know, things are changing very quickly in the South and Tomas has a tremendous experience and a unique pulse on the region.

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