New Humanist

N. A. New Humanist Forum

Thinking Beyond Borders
November 16
Time: 7:30pm
Location:Teatro Heckscher of El Museo del Barrio [MAP]
1230 5th Avenue @ 104th Street

November 17 & 18
Registration: 9 AM
Opening Plenary: 10 AM
Location:Hunter College School of Social Work 129 East 79th Street @ Lexington Ave [MAP]

New York City

For too long, we Mexicans, Canadians and Americans have been betrayed by our governments and their compliance with big capital. The region has produced great wealth, but instead of improving health, education and quality of life for us all, this wealth has been hoarded by a tiny minority, producing instability, rampant corruption, and a drastic loss of civil liberties. Our natural resources are exploited for profit, new generations are looked at with suspicion and the cult of consumerism masks a profound loss of meaning in life. Our governments increasingly rely on intimidation, violence and militarization to maintain control. In the face of this growing chaos, it is not the voices of reason that are being given space for expression, but instead the darkest forms of racism, fundamentalism and other irrationalities.

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