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Book Review: Coffee with Silo and the Quest for Meaning in Life

A book by Pressenza co-director and first time author, Tony Robinson, has recently been published in Hungary.  It’s an autobiographical work which charts the author’s experiences as an activist in the Humanist Movement over 20 years but spans from his birth on the island of Guernsey off the coast of France to his present day situation living in Budapest, Hungary.

The story takes us through his childhood, to the first stirrings of a social conscience and subsequently to his first encounter with the Humanist Party and a trip to Florence, Italy that became a pivotal moment in his life. Full Article

2 comments for “Book Review: Coffee with Silo and the Quest for Meaning in Life

  1. admin
    January 6, 2014 at 10:00 pm

    Dear Tony,

    Thanks also for sending me Coffee with Silo, it arrived just as I finished reading a Biography of Pete Townshend of the Who (That Janet gave me for Xmas), and I was looking around for something to take with me on our 5 day road trip to Los Angeles to visit Philip Freeman. Yours was way better and way more coherent, what a great read, and so refreshingly open and honest, I do not think I could have been as open and honest as you have been so I really admire what you have been able to set down in words. So many times it felt like I was reading my own biography over the past 25 years, you hit the nail right on the head in so many of the chapters. I read about half of the book to Janet as we were travelling on the road and we got so absorbed in the chapter on Parks of Study and Reflection that we missed our turnoff on the freeway. The Africa chapters were almost exactly like our experiences in East Africa and we arrived to so many of the same conclusions that you did . What I especially liked was the way that you worked the doctrine into the chapters and your understandings and recognitions and comprehensions that were very illuminating and helpful.

    Really well done Tony, and you even fed my “I” in the last chapter reminding me that I am one of only four UK masters on the planet. Which made me feel very important for a moment and then oops – perhaps that is not so good as we should ideally have thousands of UK masters by now, but very grateful to get that honorable mention anyway.

    I hope you will continue to write more and if you decide to take this on the road, we would look forward to you coming to the Bay Area. Both Janet and I would like to obtain more copies to give to friends, if you could let us know the best way that we can do that? and most definitely I will be showing my appreciation for all your dedication and hard work through a donation to Mikebuda Park.

    Sending you a warm hug and wishing you a most wonderful New Year. Please do continue writing.

    Ken Dickinson

  2. admin
    January 6, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    Thanks for Coffee with Silo, not just for sending a copy of the book, but for making the effort to get it all down on paper. Not a small task in itself, but also one of real importance for all of us. As someone whose experience with “Siloism” took quite a different trajectory to yours in many ways — for example, reading your book reminded me how just how different the landscapes of formation in “our thing” can be — but notwithstanding this we can share very fundamental registers. These registers aren’t only of some experience discovered with our eyes closed but the warmth, solidarity, and sense of connection of living with in a real Siloist culture anywhere in the world.
    Un fuerte abrazo from a spiritual (if not temporal) coetanean.

    Daniel Zuckerbrot