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2014 Pressenza’s Annual Campaign

We are beginning a new year, putting into focus those activities which move us towards the world, giving renewed strength to our intentions.

The year 2013 that recently came to an end allowed us to develop our news agency so that today we find ourselves with greater understanding of our website and increasing stability. We are better inserted into social networks, we’ve started to develop German as the sixth language and we count on teams of friends motivated and autonomous. We have a growing network of associate media and more subscribers, as well as a greater flow of news and a capacity to produce several photographic reports.

Moreover we have exhausted the first edition of our first book with the contributions of columnists, we are in the embryonic stages of a radio program and our participation in events such as the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Bonn, the Latin-American Communication and Integration Forum and others of lesser renown, continue to open doors for us to different media.

We are starting this New Year affirming one more time our freedom and independence from capital (in contrast to the great majority of other media) and we are carrying out our annual financial campaign during this month of January.

Remember that the news agency functions due to those who work in it and, together with our friends, we make it financially viable. Therefore it’s down to us, those who care that this apparatus continues to move forward, to take charge of the costs implied.

The campaign will take place, like every year, from the 1st of January 2014, coordinated by Marilú Rojas in Amsterdam (celular: 0031615534461 – ID de Skype: marilu.rojas3). It is a freely and voluntarily given sum that everyone calculates according to their possibilities.

Marilú will let you know the best way to contribute the money from different continents and with the amount collected we will see how to cover the costs of this new period.

We wish each one of you the best, and take this opportunity to send you an affectionate hug,

Pía Figueroa.

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