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End the violence and displacement of the Mapuche people in Chile

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Mr. Sebastián Piñera, President of Chile:

We are individuals of different nationalities, cultures, and races. We are religious and nonreligious people, political and non-political. Some of us are Chileans and many of us are residents of New York City. We are a good sample of the 99% of the population. We are ordinary people who are directly affected by the rapid, widespread changes that are taking place here in our city but also globally; changes that demand the best of everyone to invoke positive results and a better future.

There are times when people’s paths intersect, when their particular sensibilities are touched by a single event or course of events. These moments often crystallize for us images of what we want and what we reject for ourselves and for others. These moments also help to better define a shared vision of a desired future, the vision that unfailingly assists humanity’s constant process of evolution. We welcome these times!

We have come together in this moment to address a situation of critical importance and to denounce in the most outspoken and severe terms the abuse directed at the Mapuche people in Chile. The Mapuche are our ancestors and the people to whom we owe many of our most notable traits–our courage, our dignity, our respect for the laws of nature, our faithfulness and our profundity. Mr. President, what is done to the Mapuche is done to all of us. We can experience it in our bodies and our souls.


We are all too aware that humanity is outgrowing the outmoded model of individualism, greed, and disregard for others and the planet. That system is crumbling here in New York City, in Chile, and throughout the world. The sensitivity of the common people is increasing but not those who continue to guide us down paths that are exhausted, dangerous, and destructive. With each new show of myopic stupidity we witness, our resolve becomes clearer. Hear us: we want no violence, discrimination, greed, prejudice, or hate inflicted on the Mapuche on our behalf, because it torments us, because it breaks our heart, and because it disgusts us!

Mr. Piñera, we understand that this issue did not arise yesterday nor did it begin with your government. Today we are facing once again an unresolved historical issue. But it is also a new day and an opportunity for you to apply your finest qualities to help overcome this painful situation, which wounds us all, and to create a future of brotherhood with our ancestors. Please consider how such an act might serve as an example to other countries that are in comparable circumstances. We urge you to follow this advice sir, but do not stop there! Strive to understand and embrace this new sensibility that seeks brotherhood among all human beings, because with it you will have started to catch up with the times!

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