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Why Should You Subscribe to Pressenza?

  • To receive a daily news digest in your e-mail from a nonviolent, humanist and non-discriminatory outlook.
  • To be updated about the principal advances in nuclear and conventional disarmament; the withdrawal of troops from occupied territories; nonviolence in all its expressions; as well as the advances by people in their social, cultural and political battles.
  • To know about the denunciations of Human Rights violations, to read the demands of those who are not heard, to find out about demonstration effects happening in different parts of the planet, to know what those who protest against the system aspire to and how they are organising themselves, to discover the positive and interesting initiatives that are under development in this moment of confusion which is dark in so many ways, to get a bit of encouragement and hope.
  • To access studies, analyses and positions written by courageous men and women contributing to the overcoming of violence and discrimination in all its forms from the field of journalism.

PRESSENZA is a universalist humanist news agency that aspires to publish the actions of activists, reprint blogs, news, photos, videos and establish mutually collaborative agreements with websites, activist associations and alternative media to create links and networks with those who are working for a new society without violence.

It seeks to make a contribution that stimulates reflection by publishing positions and points of view regarding global and regional situations for a greater comprehension.  For this, besides our writers, we count on the contributions of well-known individuals and we publish articles by social leaders, opinion formers and specialists in various fields.

PRESSENZA covers news around the planet, prioritising a multicultural vision.  All our content is available without charge and may be reproduced and circulated freely when credit is given to the source.

PRESSENZA is financed co-operatively by those who are involved in all the aspects that go toward establishing and maintaining such a press agency, together with our readers and supporters.  In this way we are independent of political and economic pressures.

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