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Europe in Crisis. International Humanist Party Supports 14N Strike

Wed, 14/11/2012 – 03:45
The current crisis that we are living through in Europe is the crisis of a System which is driven by those institutions that are the holders of transnational finance capital.

That transfer of power to big capital has been dismembering the State, with the fallacy that modernizing it in this way would increase its efficiency – by handing over the regulatory duties and controls to banks and private corporations! This handing over has resulted in the loss of any realistic means to control, and beyond that, for the State to have any real role, in the regulation and control over financial matters – that any State needs to carry out its managing function.

The International Federation of Humanist Parties supports the right of citizens to demonstrate freely in their demands that an end be brought to the massive layoffs that are generating poverty and a growing inequality in Europe.

We call also on citizens of the world to be alert to the actions of those who prey on the economy in each country and call on governments to fulfill their due function to protect all citizens, starting with the poorest.

The International Federation of Humanist Parties calls on citizens to reject the demands of big business and its owners, using nonviolent tools, and by establishing new relationships between people where solidarity replaces competition, and the common good prevails over individual and minority interests.

Those who suffer from the violence of a dying system are our brothers and sisters and our decision to support humanist-inspired nonviolent action is solid because it intends to put a stop to the degeneration indicated by the current state of affairs. In this context we are for the general strike on November 14, 2012 and with the people that are in the majority that are most affected.

Humanist International November 14, 2012

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