New Humanist

Words on Religiousness — by Silo

In spite of the constraints that we face, there is something as soft as a far off sound, something light as a dawn breeze… and something has begun to gently open its way in the interior of the human being.

I am referring to the religious sentiment and to the register of the innermost human being.

The fact that until now religions have been external corresponds to the type of human landscape in which they were born into and developed.

Nevertheless, the birth of an inner religion is possible…(and) this will occur to the extent that the internal land¬scape is ready to accept a new revelation.

Even seeking support in externalized worship could be meaningful if through such practices the believers were able to awaken in themselves (were able to reveal) the presence of God.

If humanity desires something new to “make itself known,” it is because that which tends to make itself known is already operating in humankind’s internal landscape.

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