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New opening for the works of School

A new process of preparatory work for the Disciplines, an internal process of transformation giving access the Profound spaces of the Mind, begins in the Parks of Study and Reflection on Saturday August 14th. In 20 parks across America, Europe and Asia, thousands of people will attend to begin the work of the Siloist School.

Pressenza, Iván Novotny, Buenos Aires, 8/11/10

Image by: Jose Luis Perrino

A new possibility is opening for those interested in making contact with the works of School. Those interested can attend, on Saturday August 14 at eight in the morning, one the following parks of Study and Reflection accredited for the development of the new process of levelling: Red Bluff and Hudson Valley (United States), La Unión (Colombia); Montecillo (Bolivia); Caucaia (Brazil); Piribebuy (Paraguay), Las Manantiales (Chile), Punta de Vacas, La Reja, Carcarañá, Chaco and northern Patagonia (Argentina), Toledo (Spain), Attigliano and Casa Giorgi (Italy), La Belle Idée (France); Mikebuda (Hungary), Berlin (Germany); Kandharoli (India); Banahaw (Philippines).

Participants may attend the park of easier access in order to carry out the process. As on previous occasions, they may be old or young, believers or non-believers. Without any discrimination, the Parks of Study and Reflection may be approached by people from the most diverse cultures, customs, religions and social sectors. The only requirement for participation is to be 18 years of age at the time of the first meeting.

The Levelling Process of this “fourth intake” consists of the following meetings: August 14th, First Session, September 11th, second session, October 9th, third meeting and presentation of the four disciplines. The Disciplinary Process will begin on October 16th with the first quatern, and continue on November 13th with the second quatern, and December 11th with the third quatern. On January 8th, 2011 those who feel in condition may propose themselves and enter the School. All these works are made solely in the Parks, and it is a requirement to participate in all the meetings to complete the process.

The Levelling work consists of practices from the book of Self-liberation: referred to behavioural improvement (relaxation, psychophysics, self-knowledge), works of operative (catharsis, transference), and Guided Experiences and studies Psychology Notes by Silo. After the levelling, the work with the Discipline will begin.

The Disciplines are practices that lead the operator in the direction of the profound spaces of the Mind, in a process organised in 3 quaterns each divided into 4 steps. These works are inspired by contributions from many different people over a period of not more than seven thousand years. The four disciplines that are practised in the Parks Study and Reflection work with mental objects (Mental Discipline), with psychophysical energy (Energetic Discipline), with mental forms (Morphology Discipline) and the manipulation of external material objects (Material Discipline).

The School is the grouping of Masters who have already completed their discipline, entered the School, and are located in their respective Parks of Study and Reflection. Around 1400 Masters have already completed their process and entered the School, while an approximately equal number are currently developing their Disciplines and will have the opportunity to enter upon completion.

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